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Welcome to Unlikely Friends, a video storytelling series to cultivate empathy, and understanding for one another.Our mission is to create intentional spaces that gently remove societal stigmas. Our mandate is to celebrate representation by embracing differences and consciously inviting similarities to build up our communities.We are grateful to Calgary Arts Development for funding the first three conversations of our portfolio. In each video episode, strangers meet over a shared experience to have an open dialog, learn how to connect meaningfully with people outside their bubbles...and bravely explore how to take those first steps from unlikely, to likely friends.

Our Portfolio

Episode 1, '2 Skateboarders,' launched on February 14, 2022, featuring Kyle Young Pine, Fancy Feather dancer, and a professional skateboarder sponsored by vanS. He works to bridge the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous cultures. Kyle has a conversation with Adrian Foy, a graphic designer and third-generation Calgarian. They share their passion for skateboarding and explore stigmas they both encountered growing up.

Episode 2, "4 Founders", premiered on March 8, 2022 in celebration of International Women's Day. It features each of the Unlikely Friends founders' stories of breaking bias, and their collective vision for bringing more empathy into the world through this project. We thank Venue 308 for offering us their space to film this episode.

Episode 3, "Let's Talk About Mental Health," is a brave conversation between Agnes, a registered nurse and Founder of Starlings Community, and Steph, a social worker, who meet for the first time to explore the stigmas associated with mental health. This Episode was premiered during Humainologie’s Empathy Week in June 2022. We thank Village Icecream in Bridgeland for offering us your space to film.

Meet the Team

What started as a serendipitous encounter blossomed into a like-minded mission for Anshu, Gayathri, Gillian, and Shannon (pictured here from left to right). We met through our individual projects building empathy. Gayathri was hosting Fireside Chats on her platform, Campfire Kinship, where she met Shannon. As Shannon ran her campaigns, ‘When You Pass By,’ and ‘Swipe your Stereotype,’ at Beyond Our Image, she connected with Anshu. Gillian and Shannon were photographing and filming together for a food blogger, but their conversations always went back to belonging and creating something for the world.

As these connections formed, it became obvious the collective strengths we have through our lived experiences in multiple, intersectional identities, including culturally diverse, 2SLGBTQIA+, and/or immigrant communities. We are now proudly leveraging our skills in entrepreneurship, storytelling, community building, videography, photography, and trauma-informed coaching.

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